Sermon Illustrations

The phone rang.

“It’s Jimmy. I’m really sick. I’ve got a fever. Can you help me?”

Jimmy was one man that the Love In Action ministry helped. He was dying from AIDS.

Jeff was angry. He had already put in sixty hours and didn’t want to hear about Jimmy. However, Jeff promised to go right over complaining to God all the way about the inconvenience.

As the door to the apartment opened, Jeff almost buckled over as he was blasted by the smell of vomit. After forcing his stomach to settle down from an involuntary gag, Jeff went in and found Jimmy shivering on the couch in severe distress. Jeff wiped his sweating forehead, and then got a bucket of soapy water to clean up the mess. Jeff managed a façade of concern even though he was still raging inside.

Jimmy’s friend, Russ, who also had AIDS, came downstairs. The odor made Russ sick as well.

As Jeff cleaned the carpet around Russ’s chair, he was about to explode inside. Then Russ said suddenly, “I get it. I understand.”

“What do you get, Russ?” Jimmy asked weakly.

“I understand who Jesus is,” Russ said through his tears. “He’s just like Jeff.”

Jeff began to weep. That night Russ trusted Christ to be his Savior. God had used Jeff to show God’s love in spite of himself.