Sermon Illustrations

Down through the years we’ve discovered that many people try to keep you the way that you were. They would say that “A leopard cannot change it spots” and “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” And they believe that there is a slight chance for us changing. It reminds me a of my favorite comic strip, Tumble Weeds. There is a little character in the strip by the name of Limpin’ Lizard who is not known for his intellect. In one instance Limpin’ Lizard was in a communications workshop and the facilitator was explaining the Tom-Tom as the new way to communicate. At the end of the lesson he asked were there any questions and Limpin’ Lizard raised his hand and asked. Why did they decide to call it a Tom-Tom? Why didn’t they call it a George-George or a Ralph-Ralph? Limpin’ Lizard, I tell you was not known for his intellect and they felt that he would never change because he was what he was. In another comic episode, Limpin’ Lizard spotted a young lady that he took a fancy to ( to the young people that means that he liked her). So old Limp went to her house, knocked on the door and said Bon Suey Madamazelly, that’s French for “howdy Mam.” And he must’ve impressed the young lady so she responds “O’ Limpin’ Lizard, how suave, have you ever been abroad?” now this is when Limpin Lizard murdered the moment he said, “Shucks no, once a fella always a fella.” I tell you they had reason to believe that Limpin’ Lizard would never change.