Sermon Illustrations

This past week my oldest daughter came in for Easter break from college in Tennessee. After their mother spent nine hours in a van with our girls I thought she might like a little time alone. So I took our girls to see the movie . . . “Horton Hears a Who.” GREAT DR. SUESS MOVIE! Horton is an elephant that hears the mayor of Whosville, who lives on a speck, which is his world, as it floats by Horton’s ear. The rest of the movie is about Horton trying to prove to everybody in his world that Whosville exists.

The movie actually plays on what I would consider characteristics of an elephant . . . which made me think, as I was preparing for this sermon of something I read some time ago . . .

Have you ever wondered how a circus keeps such a powerful animal such as an elephant under control? The elephant is one of the most powerful creatures in the world!

It all begins with that elephant when it is a baby packaderm (elephant). The circus trainer accomplishes this by tying one leg of the baby elephant to a tent stake, driven deep into the ground. At first, it pulls and tugs, and does all in it’s might to get away. Finally, the elephant comes to grips with the fact that it can’t break the rope or get away.

As the elephant gets older, even though it’s size and strength has increased immeasurably, it still thinks it can’t break away.

With all it’s power it could easily pull the stake up, and if need be, take the tent and all with it!

But, it won’t . . . Because it never gets beyond the mindset that it can’t break loose.

God, as done everything He needed to do for you to break loose of the bondage of sin . . .

Sin . . . The very thing that keeps you from a relationship with Him . . . and gives you no hope of getting to heaven.

“What’s In It For You?”

Isn’t it time to pull the stake up?

Somehow we convince ourselves that the stake of sin has been driven so far into the ground that we could never remove it . . . and, we’d be right! WE CAN’T!

We don’t have to! God did that for us when He sent His Son to die on a cross and raised Him from the dead 3 days later!

Our part? . . . Receive the Gift!! THAT’S WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU!!