Sermon Illustrations

It had rained for almost a week but I had a brilliant idea! I was going to be super dad for the day and take my boys out shooting. I had fond memories of my father taking my brother and myself out to shoot guns. I thought that is would be a great time in which me and my boys could do some bonding, make those life long memories that seems to bring a smile to our faces no matter how much older we get.

We headed down Steve Boenher’s dirt road drive headed toward the creek and trees. Boy I was so excited about going that I kinda ignored all the mud flying by as we plowed forward toward those happy memories.

I soon began to realize that the dirt road was more like a mud road and our car was not driving like a truck. We were spinning tires but we were at a dead stop.

I reluctantly grabbed the boys and told them that I mad a mistake and we had to walk a few miles to get help. “Boys, no shooting today." You know we had a fantastic time walking and talking. I spent some much needed time with my boys and I found out that they are in much better shape than I am. We ended up making those life long memories after all