Sermon Illustrations

My Child

I would like to rejoice with the rest, Lord,

But there’s a great big ache in my heart -

For someone I love is suffering, Lord,

And I don’t know how to start.

Will you help me sing carols again, Lord?

And make all my fears depart?

Will you lead me safely to Bethlehem

To worship with all my heart?

I feel like a child myself, Lord,

Lost and unsure of my way;

For my son is suffering now, Lord,

And all I can do is pray.

There’s a gift I would bring you today, Lord,

Which - with love - at your feet I will lay.

’Tis the life of my son, that thy will may be done;

Then - with faith - I will go on my way.

I will go with your peace in my heart, Lord,

To rejoice in the age old way;

Secure in the promise you made, Lord,

Through your Son on that first Christmas Day.

It’s a promise I claim for each one, Lord,

Of a Saviour to ransom us all -

That the joy of that day forever will stay,

Till we answer the last trumpet call.

[Alma Beech]