Sermon Illustrations

When I was about 27 years old I developed an abscess in a rather embarrassing area of the body. Consequently I tried to keep quiet about it hoping it would go away by natural means.

Eventually the abscess got to such a size that the pain was intense and I was finding it difficult to walk. So I went to the Doctor, who took one look and immediately called the hospital to get me admitted. So One hour later I was an in-patient. Now I can tell you that at this stage I was IMPATIENT to get some relief from the agonising pain. Later that day I had an operation to cut out the abscess.

After the operation I was told that I had to daily wash the abscess in a bath to which salt would be added. Now I can tell you that the abscess itself was extremely painful, but placing the wound into a salt bath was sheer agony.

In fact on the first occasion I tried to do this I passed out in the bath and the nurses had to drag me out and return me to my bed. And yet the infected area of the body had to be cleansed if it was ever to be made whole again.

We as Christians must act like this cleansing salt bath. We must be prepared to be a presence that defeats corruption and makes it easier for others to become saved so they can know that Jesus is the way to Salvation.

Oh yes, it may hurt, and there may be much resistance and agonising by the individual whose life needs to be changed, after all Satan won’t give up one of his charges without a fight. But unless that person is willing to suffer in the process of change then their new life can’t begin.