Sermon Illustrations

The story goes that a man had a dream. He stood at the gate of Heaven and confronted Peter. The man asked, “What does it take to get into Heaven?”

Peter answered, “One Thousand Points.”

OK the man said, “I have been faithful in church attendance all my life.” Peter said, “That’s one point.”

The man could not believe it, he then added, “I was a deacon in my church for over 20 years.” Peter said, “That’s another point.”

Getting very anxious the man said, “I did many good things to help people.” Peter said, “That’s another point.”

In great despair the man said, “If all I can get is three points for a long life in the church and doing good works, I guess I’m just gong to have to throw myself on the mercy of God and the love of Christ displayed on the cross.”

Peter said, “That’s a thousand points; come on in.”