Sermon Illustrations

Now, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that most everyone here today knows about Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Because just a couple weeks ago, that was the only thing anyone in town seemed to talk about. Extreme Makeover Home Edition was the biggest conversation of the area because their latest project was a house just a short drive away in St. Meinred, IN. If I went to get gas, or the store, or wherever I went one of the questions was, “Hey…you been out to see the house they’re working on?” No one had to ask, “Well what house are you talking about?” Because it was such huge event for the entire tri-state area and everyone knew exactly what house they were talking about.

So now I’m going to ask you…did any of you go out to see the house. Were any of you there for the reveal, when the family came home? And now here’s one of the neatest things to me…volunteers were from all over the area – from Dubois and Spencer – all over. Did any of you actually work on this house?

It was reported that construction of the house was completed in just over 95 hours with the help of over 1700 volunteers, and has a comfortable 3,300 square feet of space. To look at blitz builds like this, the area seems like an anthill of activity with people coming and going everywhere. Each person assigned to his or her task, and everywhere you’ve got plumbers and electricians and carpenters and bricklayers and artists. Then since it’s a TV show you’ve got camera operators, sound technicians, lighting engineers and people involved with production. Then you have to be able to support all those people with food service workers, firefighters, there are police directing traffic and keeping order, medical personnel on hand just in case anything should happen. And all these people are just working trying to complete their little piece of the puzzle, in order to accomplish the goal of building a house for a deserving family.

Four Our Vision to be complete the masses must get behind it.