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Writing in LEADERSHIP MAGAZINE, Bernabe Spivey relates this incident: “Going down some old cement steps, I noticed an ant carrying a leaf on its back. The leave was many times bigger than the ant. Then the ant came to a big crack in the cement that it couldn’t cross. The ant stopped a moment. I wondered if the ant would turn back or proceed into the crack without the leaf. Instead, the ant put the leaf across the crack and then crossed the crack by walking across the leaf. On the other side, the ant picked up the leaf and continued on its journey.” [SOURCE: --Bernabe Spivey, LEADERSHIP, Vol. 20, no. 23.]

I remember as a student at Asbury College one particular chapel service in which a young pastor preached on this text from Proverbs 6 that in the New King James Version begins:

“Go to the ant, you sluggard!

Consider her ways and be wise. . .”

The ant is an industrious creature, but contemporary disciples in the Church are often sluggards that must learn valuable lessons from her. She “provides supplies in the summer and gathers food in the harvest.” God’s fields are “white unto the harvest,” but we are not getting His job done.

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