Sermon Illustrations

God’s Word helps us as we reflect, as we meditate, and as we seek direction. Going to His Word helps challenge us, correct us, and encourage us. The early Church of God gave themselves the designation as a “People of the Book.” I like that. We are to be a People of the Book. I believe the Words there lead us to life. They are life-giving. This is why we have been having more scripture read during our corporate worship. We need to be a people of the book. As such, we need to hear what God is saying through these Words.

Some of the best sermons that I heard my pastor, Pastor Hatch, preach had nothing to with the words that were preached but with the Word of God that sank deep into my soul. This Word through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit often spoke to me in ways that had nothing to do with the sermon. This is the mystery of preaching. This is the mystery of the God’s Spirit. This is the mystery of making oneself available to hear what it is that God may be saying. And these times were not on my own but in the community of worship.