Sermon Illustrations

In Miami, two brothers aged 15 and 17 celebrated their parents’ weekend absence by cruising the family car into a poor section of town and shooting six-inch spear darts into the backs of people walking down the sidewalk – mostly elderly African-Americans. When they were arrested, the oldest boy voiced concern about how this would affect his chances to get into college and their stunned parents insisted that the boys were “good kids.”

Consider: In Los Angeles, four boys aged 14 to 17 set out for a fun evening armed with baseball bats. They started out bashing mailboxes and graduated to bicyclists and pedestrians – bashing them in the head and laughing as they sped away. They even caught their antics on videotape so they could enjoy their fun later. After their arrest, friends and family just shook their heads and told the press they were “good kids.”

Guess what – these are not “good kids”

From Donald Tabberer’s Sermon: An Empty Frame