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POEM: “I Am Just a Raindrop”

The following poem was heard on Paul Harvey’s broadcast in 2004:


I am just a raindrop

I was born in the sky and settled into a hillside

there to dance in the sun and sparkle

And nourish green and growing things

But there are other raindrops on the hillside

and they invite me to join them for a downhill romp,

and we become a chain of raindrops.

Thus able to travel faster and what do you know

soon others join us until we become a stream

now remember I’m still just a drop of rain.

And yet the other drops say

I’m important to them and they are important to me

and together we hasten downward toward the beautiful forest.

The grass bends in our path

the soil beneath us begins to crumble

until my companions and I are carving out a pathway

farther and deeper

until we are tearing little gullies in the earth

and then big gullies.

I’m just a little drop of rain

its my friends who have the power

I’m just along for the ride

Ahead a towering tree

stands majestically at the edge of the forest.

And soon my friends and I

are playfully ripping the soil from the roots

and its roots from the rocks

and low and behold the great tree comes crashing down in front of me.

For a long moment the tree lies motionless:

Facedown, defeated, dying.

But then my friends and I are under, and lifting, and moving the great tree

carrying it before us as a huge battering ram.

Nothing can stop us now.

I wonder if I can stop myself now, or, if I even want to.

Into the forest we plunge my friends and I

and our battering ram tree.

Other trees grouped together stand their ground,

from us they can see there is strength in numbers.

And our numbers are greater.

Our battering ram is sideways now.

We raindrops get behind;

we push with all of our might.

My friends and I are learning the strength and the weaknesses of trees.

Erode the soil, denude the roots, and you leave them with nothing to hold to.

So, soon, we are a raging torrent.

And they and we and the turncoat tree are thundering toward the...

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