Sermon Illustrations


Do I need revival? Consider this checklist and see how you do:

1)Is your heart crowded? Does Christ get ALL your love, or merely one of many pieces?

2)Is your heart cold or calloused? Is your love for Him & others fervent? Constant?

3)Is your heart corrupt? Do you crave or treasure anything immoral in God’s eyes?

4)Do you serve less today than you have in the past or are capable of today?

5)Is your excitement/commitment to tell others about Jesus any less today than it has been in the past? Are you silent where/when you used to speak?

6)Are you living today in the present power of the Holy Spirit? Or is your spiritual ’tank’ empty?

7)When others observe you, is your Christ-light bright or flickering?

If you can answer ’yes’ to any of these questions, even partially, then you need revival!

From Todd Leupold’s Sermon: The Cry for Renewal