Sermon Illustrations

It was January and a crowd of mostly Christian children and teenagers had gathered for a Bible Camp at the Station Field complex of Pattimura University on the Island of Ambon in Indonesia. When the camp was over, cars came to take the laughing; rejoicing children back to their homes. But there were not enough cars to hold the young people. Mecky Sainyakit and three other Christian men had gone to Wakal village to try to rent additional transportation. But they had not yet come back. What the kids didn’t know, on their way back to the village the men were attacked by a Muslim mob who pulled them from their car and out onto the road. Mecky and one other man were stabbed to death, and later their bodies were burned by the mob. The two other men escaped with their lives. Before long the mob had reached the University. They found many of the teens and forced them to come out of hiding. Roy was one of them and was forced to stand before the mob. “RENOUNCE YOUR JESUS, OR WE WILL KILL YOU,” they threatened. Roy was terribly frightened. Trembling he answered “I am a soldier of Christ” At this one of the Muslim attackers swung a sword at his stomach, hitting the Bible Roy was holding, ripped into it and knocked it out of his hand. The man’s next swing finished him off. Roy’s last word was “Jesus”. The mob dragged Roy’s body out and threw it in a ditch. Four days later, his family found him. Even though they are wracked with grief, Roy’s parents stand proud of their son, who stood strong in his faith to the end.