Sermon Illustrations

A HOLY NATION – 1 Peter 1:9

You, with other believers, are God’s representatives on earth. A local church, living out together the life of Christ within them, is God’s strategy to change a lost world.

I am a holy nation, I need to show Christianity to the World

Some people wonder whether we really believe what we say we believe. Second, some people do not doubt that we believe it; they wonder whether we live by it. Third, some people do not doubt that we believe it or live by it; they wonder whether it makes much difference. (George G. Hunter III, The Celtic Way of Evangelism, 60).

Many new believers report that the experience of the fellowship enabled them to believe and commit. For many people, the faith is about three fourths caught, and one fourth taught.” (Ibid, 54).

From Gene Gregory’s Sermon: The Way God Thinks of You