Sermon Illustrations

He is calling you to this full-time Christian service.

Story: On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus, whose name means “Christ-bearer,” sailed toward the Bahamas. When he landed on the beach, he planted a standard and claimed the territory for Spain and for the glory of God. He recorded his prayer that day in his log. He prayed, “Lord, Almighty, by Your Holy Word You have created the heaven, and earth, and sea; blessed and glorified be Your Name, and praised be Your Majesty, which has designed to use us, Your humble servants, that Your holy Name may be proclaimed in this part of the earth.” Then he named the island San Salvador which means “Holy Savior.”

Note: Each of us ought to be a Columbus at our job and school. We should be a Christ-bearer and we should claim our workplace and school for God.

From Joseph Rodger’s Sermon: He is Calling You to this Full-Time Service