Sermon Illustrations

Not to long ago basketball star Dennis Rodman made the headlines when he kicked a cameraman during a basketball game. Luckily for Rodman, he escaped criminal charges and got by with just an 11 game suspension and a $200,000 payout to his victim. A few days after the incident Rodman discussed the event in an interview, and his attitude reflected anything but a change of heart. In fact, he insisted that what he had done wasn’t all that bad. He said that he himself was the victim in this whole ordeal, since he was being forced to pay money only because he’s rich. After all, he said, he just gave the guy a little tap. He must have forgotten that everyone saw the footage of the assault. The bottom line was, even after the payout and the suspension, Dennis Rodman didn’t believe he had done anything wrong.

From Brenda Jones’ Sermon: What To Do When You Try To Cover Up