Sermon Illustrations

The queen of England was a teen when World War II broke out. When she was old enough she asked her father, King George VI, to let her join the army and serve her country as others were doing. Her father allowed her to join the Auxiliary Territorial Service as a private. She had a superior officer who took pleasure in bossing her about. It was, “Private Wind-sor do this, Private Windsor do that!” “Yes, sergeant! Yes, sir,” was all Elizabeth could say. She was made a little lower than the noncommissioned officers for the sake of her service to her people. But then, on February 6, 1952, she received word that her father was dead. From that moment on she was Queen of England.

She was no longer “Private Windsor,” to be badgered by a small-minded noncommissioned officer. She was “Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.” She had entered into the position for which she had been born, a position resigned temporarily for the call of duty. Never again was she addressed as “Private...

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