Sermon Illustrations


I. Thou shalt not wrap thy husband’s sandwiches in magazine articles about a man’s responsibility to love his wife.

II. Thou shalt not leave Scripture verses about submission taped to they wife’s hairdryer.

III. If thou teachest Sunday School, thou shalt not use thy spouse’s shortcomings for lesson illustrations.

IV. Compare not thy spouse with the spouse of another, lest thou be likewise compared and found wanting.

V. Thou shalt help with tasks thou thinkest are not thine, lest they become thine alone.

VI. Thou shalt not use the excuse: "This is just the way I am," to keep from becoming what thou couldst and shouldst be.

VII. Thou shalt not say, "You always . . ." or "You never . . ." when thou speakest with thy spouse.

VIII. Thou shalt...

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