Sermon Illustrations

Illus. The other night I put the boys into bed. “Good night, go to bed, no talking. See you in the morning” Pretty clear right?

I was 5 feet from the door and I heard them talking.

So I went back in. Reminded them, no talking. Go to bed!

10 minutes later I hear giggling. I walk in just as a pillow soars past my head. Joshua is faking sleep. But, Jordan can’t fake sleeping because he now has no pillow. But even in his guilt Jordan reminds me that I really didn’t say anything about throwing pillows, I just said, “no talking”. I thanked Jordan for that observation…no, not really.

For the last time I reminded them that they had school in the morning and that they were going to be tired, so go to sleep.

As I walked away I realized. “I do this to God all the time!”

God gives me simple directions. I know what He’s saying to me…and yet sometimes I still choose to do the wrong thing!

From Art Good’s Sermon: Drop the Weight of Sin