Sermon Illustrations

I can imagine this conversation in Heaven

It starts with me

Lord, I have sinned, I have done this awful thing and I pray for you to forgive me

As I pray God is listening and He says

Look at that filth, he disgusts me

His life is full of sin makes me want to puke

How dare he approach my holy throne in such a manner

Does he not know I am a holy God?

But Father, Jesus says, my blood paid for his sins

I died on that cross to cover all of it

He is not approaching you in vain, or of his own accord

Let us look at his sin record Father

And as Jesus hands the Father a list of my sins

It is supernaturally changed from a white sheet covered in black as coal print of my sins

Into a solid blood stained sheet, washed white as snow

And the Father says, he is forgiven

All God sees is the blood of Jesus, nothing else

What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer