Sermon Illustrations

“I am the greatest” I like boxing. Not the biggest fan, but I enjoy it. I just read this past week that Jermain Taylor is going back to his original trainer, the one he became champion under. We should be proud of him as Arkansans, from what I hear he is an outstanding young man, not your typical boxer. Now I’ve seen some footage of Ali and have heard from several people, including my Father-in-law, talk about his fights. He was the greatest they say, the greatest of all time. Or how about the NBA? Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. But ask the kids today, and they’ll say no way. Why? Because all they know of him is his last few years playing after he had came back from retirement. But sorry kids, he is the greatest ever to play the game. But for someone to say you are the greatest of all time really means something, especially if it is true. Coming from God, means even more. The ULTIMATE compliment. He is the only one completely qualified to give that true honest assessment.

So God is saying in this verse that Hezekiah is the greatest.