Sermon Illustrations

Is your faith the real thing?

There are many different flavors of faith available

Is your faith the real thing?

Diet Coke - says Coke, but without the guilt this is like the person that says they are saved, but lives however they want

Diet Caff. Free - says Coke, no guilt and no power, same as Diet Coke but lives however they want ,and no power of the Spirit

Coke Zero - really needs no explanation

Cherry Coke - Coke plus something this is a popular one today, this is salvation plus something, whether it is baptism, church membership , whatever, this is when people take this passage of faith and works to far, and say that your works do not only prove your salvation, but are a requirement for salvation

Coke Classic - The Real Thing, and this is the best way to drink a Coke

Is your faith the Real thing?

Is there any faith proof in your life (When using this illustration I actually had cans of each coke, including the 8 oz. bottle)