Sermon Illustrations

*WorldNetDaily told the story of Daniel Cave. Daniel was on his first skydiving jump in Washington State. When his parachute failed to open, he fell not 35 feet, not 350 feet, but 3,500 feet to the ground -- almost three fourths of a mile! Two weeks ago, Matt Lauer from the Today Show interviewed Daniel in his hospital room, and Daniel said that he experienced extraordinary comfort as he prayed on the way down.

Daniel told Matt about his prayer this way:

-“I said, ‘OK, well, I trust you, I believe in you, and if there’s any way, I’d love to see my family again, so help me out here.’ And I just felt – I got to say, I just felt like the biggest hug in the world and just this warm embrace. It was the most amazing thing ever. And at that point I thought, ‘either way, this is going to turn out good, so...’ -- And here I am. I don’t know how.”

*Daniel came away with only a broken leg, a broken jaw and some internal injuries. He said, “How I lived -- I can’t explain why I’m not just mush.” Then Daniel said that his first dive was also his last.

Posted: August 16, 2005 - 5:00 p.m. Eastern - © 2005