Sermon Illustrations

There is a delightful scene in Prince Caspian, the second book in the Chronicles of Narnia Series. The children are trying to find their way to Caspian’s camp, and they come to the edge of a deep gorge. The way ahead isn’t clear, but then Lucy cries out, “Look! Look! Look!”

“Where? What?” everyone asks.

“The Lion” Lucy says. “Aslan himself. Didn’t you see?”

But no one else can see Aslan, and the majority vote to go the other way. Eventually they run into enemy troops and must retrace their steps back the way they came. That night, once again, Aslan appears to Lucy, and once again she has to try to persuade the others to follow her as she follows him.

“Will the others see you too?” she asks him.

“Certainly not at first,” he replies. “Later on, it depends.”

Lucy then realizes that she has to go with him “whether anyone else does or not.”

Whether anyone else does or not. Christ causes division (John 10.19-21). You must decide if you will follow him whether anyone else does or not. And why should you follow a man that some claim is insane, or has a demon? Because he is the good shepherd, and you will not want. He gives life, and that abundantly, and all his own hear him calling and follow. Will you?