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A Barna study finds 65% of U.S. teens recall learning about moral and ethical standards in the last 12 months; 62% relationships, 55% faith traditions and 50% personal evangelism. Fewer recall church teachings on media, movies and TV within the last year (35%); money and finances (30%); the supernatural world (28%); leisure activities (27%); government and law (26%); art and music (22%); health issues (21%); and technology (9%). 26% of teens and 39% of born-again Christian teens say they learned something about their faith or spirituality online in the last 6 months. 16 % of teens and 25% of born-again teens said they had “a spiritual experience” online where they worshipped or connected with God. (Barna Group 10/8/07)

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  • Choices  PRO

    Contributed by Marcus Rosa on Sep 20, 2004
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    How in the world did Lot end up in such a mess? One word—choices. —Something each of us has in common. Every single day... every single moment we make choices. —What to eat. What to wear. What to say. What to do. How to act. —You’ve made a thousand choices before you arrived here this more

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