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A new Ipsos Media poll reports the average American elite business leader is male, aged 51, earns $408,000 per year, and has a personal net worth of $1.7 million. As a group, they garner a total combined annual income of $246 billion with combined personal net worth valued at over $1 trillion. A significantly powerful and affluent group, these individuals are highly educated, motivated, and are eager to acquire new knowledge and quality information. Interestingly, more than half said money was not their key motivation, rather quality of life was a high priority amongst the business elite. These 630,000 senior business executives represent over 72,000 companies, responsible for over $1.7 trillion in annual expenditures, a figure greater than the gross domestic product of Italy, or that of Russia and Australia combined, and look after the interests of 144 million employees, approximately two thirds of the US workforce, or half the nation’s adult population. (Center for Media Research Briefing 10/9/07)

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