6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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Have you ever been accused of something when you were completely innocent? The time that stands out in my mind was a traffic ticket. Now don't get me wrong ... I've had plenty of traffic tickets when I was pretty much guilty. But this time, I was completely innocent.

When pulled over for speeding (I was guilty as charged of that violation) they also charged me with a seat-belt violation, because I had removed my seat-belt after being pulled over to get my wallet out of my hip pocket. I was willing to pay the fine for the speeding violation, but unwilling to take the rap for the seat-belt violation. I had three witnesses in the car who could testify to my innocence, and I went to court along with them and a lawyer who convinced the judge to drop the charge.

I was completely innocent of that seat-belt violation... but that doesn't make me an "innocent man." Of all the men who ever lived, only ONE deserved the title "innocent man." Jesus was the only person to live His entire life without doing anything wrong. Yet, He was arrested, tried, convicted, tortured, and condemned to a death reserved for the worst of all criminals.

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