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Years ago, I had this wonderful man in my congregation who looked exactly like, no kidding, Marlon Brando. Mitch was this huge man who had a heart of gold. He had lost his wife to cancer years earlier, but had fallen in love with Louise, a sweet woman just a few years younger. At 80 years old, Mitch had proposed to Louise and they had a wonderful, very well-attended wedding.

Mitch had booked a trip through the Amazon for their honeymoon. Now this wasn't one of those relaxing luxury cruses meandering up the Amazon river. This was a paddle your own canoe, a hack your own way through the jungle, a camp out under the stars kind of trip. They loved every minute of it. In fact the only complaint they had about the trip was that the jungle guide's just couldn’t seem to keep up with them.

You gotta love that.

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