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There seems to be an attitude among many people, both Christians and non-Christians. It’s an attitude that demands things of God.

They try to order God around like He’s their servant or something.

“Do this, God. I claim that, God. (Even if there is nothing in Scripture to back up what they’re "claiming." For instance, there is no promise in Scripture that Christians will be rich, yet many "claim" the riches God has for them.) Make this happen, God.”

They seem to forget that God isn’t our heavenly butler, He’s our Heavenly Father.

I don’t know about you, but if I talked to my Dad like some people talk to God, I’d be having to do everything standing up for the next three weeks, because my backside would be red and swollen too much to sit!

Anyone else relate to that?

You don’t come to Dad and say, “Give me the car keys. Better yet, just give me the car. Until you can get me a better one, that is. Oh – and make sure it’s full of gas and has the oil changed and new tires, okay Dad?”

“And get that money in my bank account and soon, will ya?

“After all, I want to be the best son I can be for you.”

Have you heard the way some people pray?

“God, fill my bank account. Give me a new car. Make me rich so I can be the best servant I can be. Give me kids that don’t misbehave…”

Or they order God around like this: “Make your angels do this or that thing. Make the circumstances I’m under go away. Make my mother-in-law more likable…”

Folks, the key is to approach God humbly. You ask, you don’t demand. And there’s a huge difference.

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