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My brother-in-law Brad told me a story one time, and I just knew I would use it in a sermon one day. He served in the Marines and the Navy and has my greatest respect, and we should always be in prayer for our troops serving right now. Him and his friend were out shooting their new handgun, several hundred yards. They were used to shooting military style, which was sitting down Indian style holding the gun out like this. So Brad shoots and misses. So he thinks “I’ll just move the gun a little closer and BOOM! The rear sight STICKS in his forehead. Blood starts trickling down his face. His loving caring buddy says something like “you alright there Sparky?” And he had to actually force the gun out of his head. Our cherished, harbored sin is like that gun. We hold onto it at arms length, but we want it just a little closer and BOOM! We fall back into it and it hurts us. It stains our prayers.

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