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"God's 'glory' is how we describe the sum effect of all of his attributes: grace, truth, goodness, mercy, justice, knowledge, power, eternality--all that He is. Therefore, the glory of God is intrinsic; it is as essential to God as light is to the sun and as wet is to water. You don't make the sun light; it is light. You don't make water wet; it is wet. In all of these cases, the attribute is intrinsic to the object.

In contrast, (our) glory is granted to us. If you take a king and take off all his robes and crowns and give him only a rag to wear and leave him on the streets for a few weeks, when put next to a beggar you'll never know which is which. Because there is no intrinsic glory. The only glory a king has is when you give him a crown and a robe and sit him on his throne.

That's the point. The only glory that (we) have is granted to us. The glory that is God's is His in His essence....

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