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Two feet to follow us,

Where ever our feet may trod;

Will they lead to folly’s door,

Or will they lead to God?

Two eyes to observe what we do,

To copy our ways and our tastes;

Will they help build a growing world,

Or will they add to the waste?

Two ear to hear what we say,

In pleasure, in suffering, in prayer,

Will it give courage and peace on the way,

Or multiply hatred and care?

One mind but two little lips,

To share our thoughts and words;

Will they be envious, selfish and proud,

Or demonstrate faith in our Lord?

One heart but two arms,

Embracing those they love;

Help us to live so as to direct

Their affections to God above.

Father and Mother - they’re wonderful words,

Secure in loving trust,

So grant us the grace to follow you Lord,

For our children are following us!

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