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There was a preacher at a small church. He had been preaching there for some time and was discouraged by how disinterested the church was. Finally he had had enough of the unenthusiastic Sundays so he decided to write a sermon that would surely fire the members up.

He began his sermon by saying, "Brothers and sisters, we are dead, but we can come back to life! We’ve gotta start crawling!" an older gentelman in the back said, "Let it crawl preacher, let it crawl!" This surprised the preacher, because he always thought the old fella was asleep, but he was glad to see someone come to life so he kept going.

He said "Church, if we want to we can grow, we can grow by leaps and bounds, but in order for that to happen we’ve gotta start walking!" Again the old man called out, "Let it walk preacher! Let it walk!"

The preacher was on a roll now. He said, "Friends, we can outgrow this building and build a new one! We can reach the lost, we can meet the needs of the commmunity, we can be the example that all other churches look to, but we gotta run!" The old man said, "Let’s run preacher, let’s run!"

The preacher said, "Amen, brother! Now in order to do all this in order to crawl, walk, and then run, we only have to do one thing: we’ve all gotta start working!" An old lady sat up and said, "Let it crawl, let it crawl!"

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