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Sin ultimately destroys us. Several years ago in my home church in Indianapolis where I had grown up, the minister, we’ll call him John, was caught having an affair with a missionary that the church supported and that he had recently visited on behalf of the church family. His wife, we’ll call her Jane, was understandably devastated and filed for divorced. The elders of the church were understandably devastated, too, and they fired him. John’s sin wrecked his marriage, robbed him of his family, cost him his job, forced him to change careers, and placed him in danger of hell. That’s what sin does: it hurts the sinner in this life, and places the sinner in danger of the fires of hell in the next life.

And that’s why, friends, the Church must continue to preach against sin. That’s why we must refuse to compromise the truth. It’s because sin hurts the very people that Christ died for.

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