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Our family dog, Happy the Saint Bernard, is much more active than the book on the breed, and the breeder, had promised. She is calm most of the time but every now and then when she gets worked up over food which is out of her reach, children she wants to play with, or, to quote Elmer Fudd, “a wascily wabbit,” she is nearly impossible to catch. She is so fast that she can not easily be chased down and she is so heavy and powerful that even if reached, she can not easily be wrestled in submission. I have tried and failed many times!

The trick with Happy is to slow down and then wait a moment for her to come to you. Almost without fail, this technique has proven successful in catching my sometimes mischievous dog. So it is with our thought life and with the things in our lives that we worry about. If we are going to be able to “take captive every thought,” we are going to have to slow our thoughts to a manageable speed. When our minds are racing with worry of this thing and that, we have to learn to slow our thoughts in order to capture them and bring them into submission to Christ’s will.

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