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I recently had to replace one of the strings on my mandolin. I laid the new string on the table as I took off the broken string. When I had thrown it into the trash, I looked at the new string lying on the table and realized how much it resembles many Christians.

That string has the ability to play beautiful music. Yet it is lying there unused, idle, and totally worthless in its present location.

Christians have the ability to reach so many people for the glory of God. Yet we go to church and sit, then go home and sit. We let our lives become idle and totally worthless for building up the kingdom of Christ.

Which are you today? Are you the string that is making the beautiful music, or are you the string that sits idly by, not doing what you were made to do? If you take another look at the mandolin string, you will notice that for it to play beautiful music, it must be stretched beyond its present condition.

And for us to work fully for Jesus, our Creator, we must also be stretched out so we can accomplish more. Are you willing to be stretched out in your life? Are you willing to give up some of your comfort so you can pursue God? Whether it means going on a far away missions trip, or just sitting down with your family in the evening and reading a book of the Bible.

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