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During World War II, a church building in Strasburg was destroyed. After the bombing, the members surveyed the area to see what damage was done. They were pleased that a statue of Christ with outstretched hands was still standing… because it had been sculpted centuries before by a great artist.

Taking a closer look however, the people discovered both hands of Christ had been sheared off by a falling beam. It seemed like a great tragedy at the time.

Some time later, when a sculptor in the town offered to replace the broken hands as a gift to the church, the church leaders refused. They had had long enough seeing the statue that way that they realized the damage done to Christ actually symbolized a powerful teaching from Scripture. They were called to serve God with all their hearts, but if they didn’t do their part, Christ had no hands. They said that the statue had taught them that the work of Christ had been given to them.

(SOURCE: Jeff Strite,, "Wise Advice" 6/30/08)

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