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I had a man in my last congregation who was in the snack business. He was part of a small company which supplied chips and pretzels and the like to mini markets and various retail outlets. One afternoon I asked Albert how business was, good or bad, up or down.

He looked at me and laughed. "Peter, business is always good and business will never, ever be bad." He went on to tell me this story: "Years ago my company was contacted by a small retail outlet who was in desperate financial woes. They asked my company to extend them some credit for the next few months, which we gladly did. My company was one of the very few who extended this retail outlet credit.

When the retail store became solvent again, they thanked my company for its help. To thank my company, they promised us that they would always use us as a snack supplier -- and they have kept their word, and have used us ever since. Peter, that company was none other than Wal-Mart."

Albert’s company may have only one account that is different than any other snack company’s account, but that one account, was a very big account. The Hebrews may have many things against them, but they have one thing for them, and it is a very big thing -- it is God Himself.

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