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One of the great ways to win a battle or a game is called "misdirection." You make your opponent think you are doing one thing, but do another. In football, they are called "gadget plays" or "flea-flickers." One of my favorite memories of this is in Super Bowl XV. Being a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, it was great news that the team was going to play the Seattle Seahawks for what would end up being their 5th Super Bowl Championship. During the latter stages of the game, the Steelers were tenuously holding to a 14-10 lead and were at about mid-field. They needing something that the Seahawks would not expect, something that could get a touchdown.

Then it happened. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger took the snap, pitched it to running back Willie Parker who was going one direction, who then handed it receiver Antwaan Randle-El, who threw a long touchdown pass to Hines Ward for the clinching score. Ward was wide open because the Seahawks thought the play was going the opposite direction. It was a great moment I enjoy seeing replayed over and over.

Misdirection in a football game is fun. Misdirection from Satan is deadly.

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