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Sometimes the titles of news stories are so captivating that I just have to read them. One that caught my attention this week said: “‘World’s Greatest Dad’ Arrested As Predator.” It roused your curiosity too, didn’t it? Here’s the story from Lansing, Michigan:

"Attorney General Mike Cox announced today the arrest of Daniel Allen Everett, of Clarkston, Michigan, for using the Internet to arrange a meeting for sex with a minor.

’Today’s arrest is a reminder that a parent can pose a threat to our children,’ said Cox. ’And no matter how "great" a criminal thinks they are, if you intend to harm or solicit children, my office is coming after you.’

Attorney General investigators arrested Everett, 33, for chatting online with who he thought was a 14-year-old girl that he met in a chatroom. Everett allegedly engaged in graphic sexual conversation with an undercover agent and propositioned the agent, who was posing as a 14-year-old girl, to meet him for sex.

This afternoon, Everett was arrested in Novi where he is alleged to have appeared to meet the minor for sex. He was arrested wearing a T-shirt with the words Worlds Greatest Dad on the front, a sad reminder that Internet predators come from all walks of life."

The moral of this story is never judge a book by its cover. They guy was obviously a faker. He presented himself as world’s greatest dad when in reality he was Lansing’s slimiest predator, preying upon children. Fakers are dangerous because they can bypass our defenses, get in close, and cause major damage.

(Source:, from a sermon by Joel Smith, "Spotting Spiritual Fakers" 7/17/08)

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