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I recently heard Robert Fergusson a minister at the Hillsong Church in Sydney define four types of people with a heart for people, people who are inspiring, not comfortable to be around, go out into communities to help the sick, wounded, bleeding, dying ones into a deep pool of blessing, these people are characterised by:

Enter a disabled World

They go to the invalids (physical and spiritual), powerless, blind those unable to help themselves quench their own thirst

They know that we are all disabled but for the touch of Jesus that heals us, frees us to then become a blessing for others to bring the healing power of Jesus to them

They get out of the comfort zone to reach those on the periphery of things and bring them into the glorious presence of Jesus

Challenge the Status Quo

They are not prepared to tolerate injustice and lets things be for the sake of keeping order, Jesus healed on a Sabbath knew the scorn he would get but did the will of God

Look at Jesus he went to the weak and found great faith we can do the same

We preach to the whole person the whole gospel of Jesus

We speak of freedom and wholeness a power beyond man an authority higher than mans like Jesus did

Upset a selfish world

Our world is essentially selfish people are self centred when they have nothing else to centre themselves on

The people around the pool push and fought to get into the waters when the stirring started desperate for their own healing

More interested in their own needs than others and presumably when healed did not turn to help the others

We need to challenge the selfish ways in ourselves and our Churches and go out of our comfort into community pouring ourselves out for the sake of others, like Jesus did

Offer a helping hand and a smile

Look at Jesus he gave a miracle did not hang around for the glory just disappeared into the crowd

Remember God loves all so reach out in love, smile and care like Jesus did

We need to likewise give without expecting reward

Give all to all like Jesus did

God knows that all we should need as we give, give, GIVE like Jesus did for us

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