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Tim Lahaye in his book "Revelation Unveiled" says, "Years ago I was taken to see a prosiner by the special representative of the warden's office in the reformatory at St. Cloud, Minnesota. While there, I noted that the new inmates oviously feared the institution and the long-anticipated confinement; however, I did not fear the institution. Why? Because the representative of the warden's office held the keys to the institution for me, even though I passed through sixteen heavy steel doors all securely locked.

"In a similar manner, those who know Jesus Chirst need never fear Hades and death, for He holds the key that unlocks the door to this dreaded place. The big question is, DO you know Him? Is He your Savior? Though Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world, He has not saved all the people of the world, for He has chosen to leave it up to each person's will whether he or she will accept or reject Him."

(Source: Tim LaHaye, Revelation Unveiled, pg 41-42.)

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