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What Kind of Shoes are YOU?

House shoes/slippers: They are comfy, you can relax in them, maybe fall asleep. Beliefs: too comfy, too relaxed. Church is just a routine, been doing it for years, same pew.

High heels: Vey stylish, but not very comfortable, probably hard to walk, although I wouldn't know. Beliefs: too tight, uncomfortable, can't truly worship, holier than thou.

Dress shoes: Wear only on Sundays, nice, but not what you might want for every day wear. Beliefs: Only act like a Christian at church, on Sundays or around certain people.

Parent's shoes: My daughter Zoey loves to get into my closet and wear my shoes around the house. Beliefs: Not our own, our parents faith, can't wear our parents shoes and we can't use their faith, we must own our own.

Bare feet: Maybe not the most comfortable, but we can't hide anything, if you have foot fungus, can't hide it, need to cut your toenails, good luck hiding that. Beliefs: True, authentic, not hiding anything!

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