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Make Me Fit to Live With

John Drescher, in his book, If I Were Starting My Family Again, says something really profound. He used to pray for his children, that they would become more obedient, pleasant, loving, and so on.

And then he says:

"... it struck me that this kind of praying myst stop...I was praying for the wrong person. I realized that if my children were to know Christ's love, then I, as their father, needed to experience more of Christ's love and make that love visible. If they were ever to learn true love in relation to others, then I needed divine help to demonstrate true love in all my relationships with the family and others. So my prayer turned to, 'Lord, make me fit to live with,

loving and kind, as you are to me.'"

(Source: Drescher, 1979, p 34.)

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