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A widely circulated story over the Internet is one that is told a couple of different ways but with the same kind of an ending. One way that I have heard it (and perhaps have told it) is that a rushing businessman knocks over a child’s fruit stand in his hurry to catch a train.

He stops after several steps and looks back at the situation and makes a decision to help the child pick up his scattered stock even if it means missing his train. As he finishes helping, the young child turns to him and asks him, ‘Mister, are you Jesus?’

As we prepare for Communion this morning, I want to ask you, ‘Who has been Jesus to you?’ Who has lived the faith and not just talked about it? How have they lived the faith?

Conversely, I ask, ‘How have you been Jesus to others?’ How are you currently showing the love and grace of God to your family, friends, fellow employees, and schoolmates? Jim Kane

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