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I watched one of my favorite movies last night. It is an old comedy called "The God's Must Be Crazy." It is about a bush tribe that lives in the Kalahari Desert; they have no earthly possessions. They are happy, content, and self sufficient.

A bush plane flies overhead (which they mistake for a god's tummy rumbling) and the pilot throws an empty Coca Cola bottle out which lands in the middle of the village.

The Bush people think it *must* be a gift from the gods and sure enough, they begin to find good uses for it. They discover it can make music, it can effectively help them grind grain, and it pulverizes pulp. But this "possession" brings other things too ... envy, anger, covetousness, and violence. They learn to hurt each other by using the bottle. They soon name the bottle "The Evil Thing."

The Evil Thing threatens to destroy their whole way of life so the tribal leader begins a journey to the ends of the earth of get rid of the bottle.

So many times the things we think are good and gifts can become the "evil" that destroys our relationships too. We are wise to discard them and return to harmony with our God.

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