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A. Friend – some years ago

B. Sunday worship service, church like ours

C. Service begun – member of congregation began worship, no pastor yet

D. Man dressed shabbily in a heavy overcoat and wild hair and who could of used a bath came into service

1. Trouble finding a seat, pretty packed toward back – is that like this church

2. Finally a member, a prominent business man in the community offered to help the man

3. He asked him to sit with him and family

a. got him a bulletin

b. found a hymnal for him

c. helped him find place in bulletin

E. Of course the congregation was murmuring about man

1. some where heard to say, “Doesn’t he know how to dress for church?”

2. Others sitting close by holding their noses

3. Parents were trying to stop their children from staring and giggling

F. The businessman had to help man stand when the hymn began, the man did not sing

G. The congregation was getting nervous because the pastor was still not present and soon it would be time for the sermon, the member leading

worship was sweating,No scripture was even listed in the bulletin

H. Think how you would be feeling if Pastor Ed or myself were not present for worship –

Maybe it would be answer to your prayers for a short sermon

I. Anyways, back to friend’s church

1. When it came time for the scripture and sermon, the stranger stood up and said, “The Lord wants me to tell you something today.”

2. Heads jerked, several started to say something

J. The stranger walked to front of the church and started unbutton his...

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