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There was excitement all through the orphanage, for a lady had come to take little Jane home with her. The girl was sort of nervous about the thought of becoming the kind ladies child, "Do you want to go with me and be my child?" the lady asked her in a gentle tone.

The little girl said,” I don’t know,"

Then the kind lady said, "But I’m going to give you beautiful clothes and a lot of things, a room of your own with a beautiful bed and table and chairs."

After a moment’s silence, the little girl said anxiously: "But what am I to do for all this?"

The lady burst into tears and said, "Only to love me, and be my child."

God adopts us, protects us, and give us an inheritance in glory. All He asks in return is that we should love Him, and be His children.

From a sermon by William D. Brown, "IS GOD EVERY ONE’S FATHER?" 7/31/2008

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