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n India this week (early Oct., 2008), here is the latest:

"Christians feel unsafe even under government protection, and are leaving the refugee camps to escape to other areas of India. In Kandhamal, the destruction has continued for more than a month.

Bhubaneshwar (AsiaNews) - About 12,000 people have disappeared from the refugee camps set up by the government of Orissa to accommodate the Christians fleeing from the violence of Hindu radicals and from their destroyed villages. Meanwhile, a dozen more houses have been burned, while the government of the state assures that it is doing everything possible to maintain security.

Since August 24, a campaign of attacks against Christians and their institutions has been underway in the district of Kandhamal, killing 60 people and forcing 50,000 more to flee. Of these, at least 15,000 have been accommodated in refugee camps overseen by the government. But the Christians do not feel safe; in recent days, attacks have been conducted by Hindu fundamentalist groups against Christians in the camps, with threats and attempts to reconvert them to Hinduism."

3. Are we willing to suffer for our faith? How about suffering inconvenience? Being different? Mockery? Do we cherish and study the Word of God, the Scriptures for which countless others have died?

4. We cannot say whether or not we are willing to die for Christ. But are we willing to live for Him?

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